TF letter 1890

Thanks Alan. I will be delivering a couple of bottles of good Spanish vino in May 😉

Mrs Mould, who is direct descendant of Thomas Forester has allowed us to copy this personal letter between Thomas Forester and the parents of his future son-in-law.

Thomas Forester was a brilliant potter and businessman but his handwriting left a lot to be desired.

I think I have managed to decipher nearly all of the letter but one word is eluding us. It is the word following 29 in the first sentence.

I think the rest goes like this:-

June 2nd 1890
Dear Mr & Mrs Ermekiel
We duly received your kind letter of the 29th ??????? , The favourable manner you look upon your sons engagement to our daughter Lily, has given us much pleasure.
The steady perservering and honorable conduct of your son Alfred has quite won our esteem and regard.
Although his attachment to my daughter was not known to us and has certianly taken one by surprise we are all pleased to look favourably on his suit.
We are much gratified that this matter meets with your hearty approval.
We note that it is your intention to visit us in a few days and we look forward to you coming with much pleasure.. We hope you will makeour house your home during your stay and rest assured we will do our best to make you happy.
My family desires to be kindly remembered to each member of your family and believe me dear Mr and Mrs Ermeekeil.
Yours very truly
Tho Forester
Please give my best wishes to Messes August and Eugene

Can anyone help.