Wow ! Looks to me like you could live there. There are going to be latest designer bathrooms, repro cast fireplaces, radiators and much more. Apparently it won’t be completed until late January. The floor which appears blue on the pic is actually black slate with a little dust on it. I can’t imagine that they will let that settle for long.

showroom-08sThere is going to be a roll top bath in the above setting and the modern radiator will be replaced with traditional cast radiator/towel rail.

showroom-07sThis is the one with the black slate floor and black and white mosaic tiles.

showroom-05sThis central chimney is going to display back to back cast fireplaces. The Yorkshire stone and the rest of the different stone floors are going to be famed in dark oak.

I can’t wait to see the finished article. These guys have certainly got a great eye for design.