To build a new roof you have to get rid of the old one, right!


Work commences on the new frontage

New timbers needed here.
 unit1-works-04And here are the new modern timber joists.                                                                               unit1-works-03We need quite a few obviously                                                                                                                                                                         unit1-works-02
















Some more new timbers for the roof.

I am trying to create a pictorial story of the renovation works.

I am new to this blogging so please forgive the messy presentation but I hope you get the gist, that is if you are interested in our big old pot bank.

I have just received these pics from Mark today. It appears that there is a distict possibility that he has a new tenant for the main single storey frontage.

We are all really excited as it will set off the property really well. In any event he has started the project so fingers crossed.