2001_0812_145508AA                                                   Above is looking West down the East Midlands rail line towards Stoke

2001_0812_145454AA                                                               Above is the view Northwards towards Anchor Road

2001_0812_145447AA                                                                   Above North Westerly towards Fenton

2001_0812_145358AA                                                                   This one North Easterly towards Parkhall Hills

2001_0812_145552AA                                                                 This one is to the East looking down the line to Derby

2001_0812_145534AA                                           Here we have the old pre Tesco Normid Supermarket to the South East of Phoenix

2001_0812_145526AA                                      Above is the old Normid car park now covered with the enormous Tesco building

2001_0812_145521AA                                                                Looking down the old Baths Road before it was diverted.


This series of views were taken from the top of one of our bottle ovens during renovation including repointing and removing the herbacious borders. It’s amazing how the vegetation seeds itself. I suppose the pigeons don’t help 😉

We had to scaffold both ovens and I took the opportunity to take these shots. It was obviously before the enormous Tesco took over the landscape. The supermarket behind Phoenix Works was the Normid (The Co-op for out of towners). I chose a really clear day to take the pics.

Our builder friend Phil Ball spent nearly two months up on this scaffold doing the repointing. Some days were quite chilly. We did keep him supplied with lots of tea.